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Young Adults Face Unique Money Issues

Many young adults right out of college are planning career moves or marriage – while grappling with complex financial issues.

Student loans weigh them down.  And despite the improving job market, it’s still tough to find a job.  Wages and salaries for those who are employed are stagnant in many industries.  Thanks to the proliferating opportunities for e-shopping, young adults also face more temptations to buy than any previous generation.

“I feel like I’m definitely in the lion’s den,” said Eric Bell, who, at 28, is trying to get his financial education website for 20-somethings, YoBucko, off the ground.  A former private banker, he is also looking for a job in his field, paying off student loans, and cheering on his girlfriend in her attempt to buy her first home.

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One Response to Young Adults Face Unique Money Issues

  1. Eric Bell says:

    Great article, Kim. Truly a great cross-section of perspectives on the challenges our generation faces. Between student loans, credit card debt, and a tough job market, we’re fighting an uphill battle. One of the challenges we face on the behavioral side is that the system is set up so we have to take on debt to get ahead. No credit? No credit history. No student loans? No education. No contacts? No job. It’s a tough cycle to break through, but one we must face.