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Squared Away : A Review

Since going live in May, Squared Away has posted articles about everything from saving for retirement to educating children and young adults.

Fall officially starts tomorrow, so it’s a good time to review where we’ve been.  These are among the articles that got the most responses from readers or that we thought were especially worth repeating.  The link to the article is at the end of each description.

Mobilizing to Plan for Retirement

  • Baby boomers are paralyzed when it comes to retirement planning.
  • Cultural and economic forces are behind why baby boomers can’t retire.

Reaching Young People

  • Financial success begins with self-control and marshmallows.
  • Teaching young adults about compound interest may persuade them to save.  

Helping Low-income People

  • Online game highlights the poor’s impossible spending choices.
  • Popular strategy of automatically enrolling corporate employees in 401(k)s didn’t work for low-income people.

Controlling College Debt

  • Forty percent of college graduates have difficulty repaying loans.  But there are options.
  • Cash course helps college students avoid overloading on loans.

Questioning Wall Street

  • Customers struggle to decipher financial industry’s “Finglish.
  • Basic questions should be asked of your stockbroker or advisor.

Explaining Emotions and Investing

  • The booms and busts of the past decade have caused financial-decision fatigue.
  • Don’t fool yourself: emotions drive investing.

Understanding Baby Boomers

  • When kids leave home, mom and dad spend money like crazy.
  • Unemployed older workers face unique issues.

Easing into Aging

  • Women prepare for a husband’s death by acquiring financial knowledge.
  • Widowed advisor’s book intended to help other widows.

Settling into Retirement

  • Money managers and advisors have a financial stake in encouraging saving and investing.  But downsizing a home greatly improves future security, too.
  • Americans have saved trillions.  So why don’t they spend it once they retire?

New Apps

  • The impact of today’s purchasing decisions on retirement savings is abstract.  A new iPhone app does the math.
  • There’s a savings app for your child!

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