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Music as Money Metaphor

To get a grip on retirement worries, overwhelming student loans, or squeaking by, it always helps to get more money or make a plan.

But finding a way to think about how to manage your money is also useful.  It’s like making music, says Timothy Maurer, a Baltimore financial planner.  At first, you have to master the “boring stuff, but eventually real songs start being produced.”

p.s. Maurer said that his brother Jon Maurer, who is “a far more accomplished musician than I,” is the pianist in this video.

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3 Responses to Music as Money Metaphor

  1. Entirely true, you first need to know the process and control. In some cases, it can be boring, but you then develop work as a good composer who plays fluidly and masterfully. Good analogy.

  2. Nick Waddell says:

    It’s an interesting take on financial literacy. I think courses on how to manage personal finances should be taught from grade school onward. I’m pretty sure learning about a mortgage or life insurance or the stock market has more value to more people than calculus, for instance, which the majority of us will never use.

  3. I agree with Francisco, it is all about knowing the process and control. But something like can be very boring. It is not something for me.