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Middle Schools Vie in Video Contest

The Massachusetts Financial Education Collaborative (MFEC) had one big reason for targeting its video contest to middle school kids: advertising.

“Hey, you gotta have a cell phone. You gotta have these jeans. The contest seemed like a great way to bring awareness” to the issue of kids and our consumer culture, said Andrea Wrenn, mother of five, education consultant, and the MFEC volunteer who oversees the contest.

Two Massachusetts middle schools submitted videos exploring kid consumerism in the first year of MFEC’s contest: the Norwell Middle School and the Hill View Montessori Charter Public School in Haverhill.

Squared Away encourages readers to support the new effort by clicking here to vote for your favorite video! The voting deadline is April 27.

The contest is among the creative ways communities are encouraging children and teenagers to learn about the money issues they deal with – a play recently staged by Cambridge high school students was another.

2 Responses to Middle Schools Vie in Video Contest

  1. Alice says:

    Thumbs up to MFEC for undertaking this project. Teaching children and teenagers about money issues early on is essential in a consumer-driven society. A video contest is a very creative way to encourage the youth to learn. Are there only two schools participating? And is the contest only limited to Massachusetts? I sure hope this takes off!

  2. Kim Blanton says:

    Thank you for your comment Alice!
    I understand that these two were the only submissions. However, this is the first year for the contest, and the organizers hope it’ll take off.
    Kim Blanton, Squared Away