Preschool Children Learn about Saving

Paul Solman, a business reporter in Boston for the NewsHour on PBS, put together an excellent piece about educating preschool children about saving. In it, Solman interviews Grover and the children of behavioral economist David Ariely of Duke University, among others.

The piece discusses a research study on self-control among young children, which was covered recently by Squared Away.

The video is worth checking out.

2 Responses to Preschool Children Learn about Saving

  1. This is great and I wish I had this kind of Sesame Street when I was growing up. My parents, as great as they are, did not give me the tools to survive in the real world.

    Growing up in your 20’s can mean hard lessons, some of which I’m still paying for a decade later.

    It is just appalling how the gov is trying to defund these great programs.

  2. Heather Taft says:

    This is pretty good for children to let them know how the concept works. Also to discipline their selves on how to control it.