The Social Security Fix-it Book

The Social Security Fix-It Book

By Steven Sass, Alicia H. Munnell, and Andrew Eschtruth

The Social Security Fix-It Book provides an overview of the program’s long-term financing problem and potential solutions.  Fix-It makes these issues accessible to a lay audience through an engaging format, clear and concise language, and colorful illustrations and graphics.  It begins with a brief summary of the Social Security program, including its prominence as a source of retirement income, its benefit and financing structure, and the implications of demographic changes.  Fix-It then examines the major options for reducing benefits and increasing revenues, covering each option’s pros and cons and contribution to solving the shortfall.  The book emphasizes the need for a long-lasting solution, one that goes beyond the traditional 75-year planning horizon used to evaluate the program’s finances.  It provides a summary chart of each option’s contributions to solving this longer-term problem, as well as the 75-year shortfall.  Fix-It concludes with a brief set of questions to provide readers with a conceptual framework for determining how to choose their preferred solution.  The Social Security Fix-It Book is a companion publication to The Social Security Claiming Guide.

Our PDF and e-book are available for use or redistribution free of charge. For hard copies, The Social Security Fix-It Book is available for $2.95 each (10-99 copies) or $2.35 each (100 or more copies), delivery included. To place an order, please contact Amy Grzybowski at or 617-552-1677.

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