A man standing, arms crossed, in front of a retirement chart.

Target Your Retirement

Target Your Retirement is an interactive program that helps near retirees develop a reasonable plan for maintaining their standard of living in retirement.  With user inputs, the program calculates an income target and estimates how close the user is to hitting it.  Target then lets users adjust three powerful levers – controlling spending, working longer, and tapping home equity – to help meet their goal.

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4 Responses to Target Your Retirement

  1. mike dalton says:

    calculator is easy to use but assumes expenditures are functionally related to current earnings– a big improvement would be to add control over retirement income in todays dollars– see also “retire plan” app for ipad 2 an excellent tool

  2. Molly says:

    Calculator starts out very inflexible-my spouse is already retired so he gets a pension now but has no additional retirement savings-so the calculator has no means to deal with one spouse not working-I could tell it wasn’t going to be a realistic tool…. 🙁

    • Steve Sass says:

      Our program does have limitations.
      1) It is designed for users approaching retirement.
      2) It is not just a “calculator,” but also attempts to teach. While using the program, we want users to learn the three most important things such users could do to improve their retirement prospects –work longer; adopt a more sustainable standard of living and save more; and use their house – and the effect of each on their own retirement prospects.
      3) We are currently revising the program to be more flexible, and welcome suggestions for how best to do that.

      • RW_in_DC says:

        Would like the program to used for people at any age. It’s important for people to begin saving for retirement from their first job onward. If not this calculator, perhaps another for someone who’s younger?