The Rise of Financial Fraud: Scams Never Change but Disguises Do

Americans submitted nearly 1.1 million complaints about financial fraud in 2010 – a 35 percent increase in just three years. But scammers may be difficult for their potential targets to recognize, because scammers constantly alter their disguises. Awareness of these disguises can help individuals recognize – and steer clear of – fraudulent schemes that can rob them of their financial security… Learn More

Personal Finance Instruction at U.S. Colleges and Universities

by Kimberly Blanton

During the financial boom several years ago, mortgages weren’t the only form of money that coursed through the nation’s financial system. Student loans were plentiful – and easy to get. College students reported that money appeared – almost like magic – in their bank accounts, minutes after they completed a …Learn More

Exploration of Retirement Planning Attitudes and Behavior

By the Boathouse Group and Plan-it Marketing

In the fall of 2010, the CRR sponsored a series of qualitative interviews with consumers on a range of retirement issues. The objective was to explore consumers’ attitudes and behavior toward retirement planning, including knowledge gaps, sources of information, and unmet needs. A total of 70 individuals aged 50-65 were interviewed in three cities (Hartford, Cincinnati, and Phoenix). This report summarizes the interview results…Learn More

Financial Literacy on the Web

By Kimberly Blanton

There are more than 4,000 personal websites on the Web, which target people of all ages, income levels, and needs. All the sites combined attract one in four people who use the Internet. At the forefront of this trend are websites that monitor household budgets for young professionals who have high disposable income, distribute coupons to the thrifty, and host calculators…Learn More