Financial Literacy on the Web

By Kimberly Blanton

There are more than 4,000 personal websites on the Web, which target people of all ages, income levels, and needs. All the sites combined attract one in four people who use the Internet. At the forefront of this trend are websites that monitor household budgets for young professionals who have high disposable income, distribute coupons to the thrifty, and host calculators…Learn More

What People Know about Target-Date Funds: Survey and Focus Group Evidence

By Julie R. Agnew, Lisa R. Szykman, Stephen P. Utkus, and Jean A. Young

Making portfolio allocation decisions can be difficult for American households who lack interest or experience in financial matters. Service providers and 401(k) plan sponsors have introduced new plan design approaches and investment products, such as target-date funds, that can simplify savings and investment choices for defined contribution (DC) plan participants…Learn More

Financial Literacy: What Works? How Could It Be More Effective?

By William G. Gale and Ruth Levine

This paper highlights the extent and effects of financial illiteracy on American households, reviews previous efforts to promote financial literacy, and discusses new directions for such initiatives. None of the traditional approaches to financial literacy has generated strong evidence that financial literacy efforts have had positive and substantial impacts… Learn More